About Us


Our mission is to provide financial education first and foremost so that our clients build the confidence it takes to make better decisions for their future. We partner with you to construct your path towards financial security and independence because everyone deserves a lifestyle of ease in retirement.

FirstLine Financial connects individuals who want to grow and protect their capital with offerings that, until now, only ultra-wealthy investors had access to. We provide hard-working individuals with data-driven strategies for portfolio managing and comprehensive financial planning.

Fiduciary Responsibility

We have a fiduciary responsibility for every client we serve. That means we have a legal obligation to put your interests ahead of our own. It is estimated that approximately 20 percent of all financial advisors meet this fiduciary requirement. The Paladin Registry puts the number even lower, estimating that just one in 12 advisors have fiduciary responsibility. They also state that fiduciary advisors primarily work with investors whose net worth exceeds $3,000,000.

Fiduciary advisors are usually Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) or Investment Adviser Representatives. These advisors are registered with the SEC or the state security division, and they are acknowledged fiduciaries that provide ongoing financial advice and services. An adviser with fiduciary responsibilities is held to a higher ethical standard and should have the knowledge to provide sophisticated wealth management services and advice.

The investor must always come first. View “Tony Robbins explains ‘fiduciary’ to Main Street,” HERE!

Meet the Team

ryan larson

Ryan D Larson
Founder, Wealth Advisor

Ryan Larson is the principal Investment Advisor Representative and Founder of FirstLine Financial, LLC located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ryan recognizes the importance of growing and preserving the assets accumulated for retirement and the need for reallocating those assets in transition from the working years to the retirement years. Focused on the unique needs of retirees and transitioning Boomers, Ryan employs a host of time-tested strategies utilizing both securities and insurance offerings. Ryan’s personal mission is to protect one’s life savings from unnecessary risks from market fluctuations and avoid fees and when ever possible, create tax efficiencies.

Attention to detail, desire to educate and empathy for the working man, are natural characteristics that make Ryan different from those in the industry. Clients appreciate his thorough, considerate approach to helping support their financial needs. Ryan believes that everyone deserves a chance at the “American Dream” and to lead a life they want to lead in retirement. It humbles Ryan when he is given that opportunity to make dreams happen for his clients.

Quote to live by:
“Stop worrying about what you have to lose, and start focusing on what you have to gain.”


Kate Larson
Founder, Wealth Management

Alongside Ryan, Kate founded FirstLine Financial, LLC. She began by building the brand and values of FirstLine while establishing an efficient process within the business model. She acquired her insurance license and is a registered insurance agent in the State of Arizona. With this license, she focuses on mitigating risk for the clients who seek out principal protection and income in retirement.

Prior to joining the firm, Kate was a marketing guru with expertise that span from photography, graphic design, visual communications, branding, corporate identity, and new market development for small to medium size businesses. With a decade of marketing experience in industries such as publishing, luxury real estate, sustainability, governance, risk and compliance, and business advisory, Kate brings her vast expertise in research, creativity, and client relations to FirstLine Financial.

Quote to live by:
“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!'”

Audrey Hepburn

kate larson

Mia Larson
Team Cheerleader

Mia is responsible for putting a smile on everyone’s face, in addition to providing encouragement throughout the busy day. She is a vital part of FirstLine Financial.

Quote to live by:
“Hmmmm. Chocolates.”

Mia Larson

Bryson Larson
Team Captain

Coach Bryson, is the glue that keeps the team running smoothly and makes sure we stay on top of our fiduciary duty. He is a vital part of FirstLine Financial.

Quote to live by:

Bryson Larson